The Who


Anita Lang’s passion for creating uplifting and inspiring designs has been the driving force in her career since she founded IMI Design in 1992. Noticing a gap in the luxury furniture market she began pouring that passion into the design and fabrication of elegant, handcrafted furniture pieces. Anita knows first-hand the memories and relationships that can be formed in the presence of excellent design infused with love and Design 528 is the vehicle she has created to bring that level of passionate design and quality craftsmanship to a larger audience. “Design picked me.” she remarks. “Everyone is given a talent or some kind of gift to share. Design seems to be mine. I feel a responsibility to use that talent to elevate the life experiences of those around me.”

Anita’s passion for design, however, goes far beyond the traditional ideas; her mind constantly sees the works and materials of nature and automatically processes those into the designs of the furniture incorporated into this line. In this way her passion is fueled daily by an appreciation for the world around her and it’s that joy of living she is bringing to the curators of this collection. With her passion for design igniting the love for these pieces, her German heritage demands it be implemented in a practical manner. With over 20 years of experience as the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Designer of IMI Design and input from the vast network of industry partners she has developed over that time, Design 528 has been built from a functional perspective that will appeal to designers and showrooms alike. Anita’s award-winning aesthetic has combined with her tried and proven business acumen to lay the foundation for a new type of luxury furniture line that is breaking the mold of the past and bringing passion into the furniture design industry.



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