Q&A With Anita Lang: Design 528 and Luxury Arizona Made Furniture


Anita Lang Designer Anita Lang is putting Arizona on the map when it comes to luxury furniture with her company Design 528. In April, the Scottsdale-based company debuted its first collection at the world’s largest furniture expo in Milan and is now heading to the world’s largest hotel and hospitality expo in Dubai. Here, Anita talks exclusively to Scottsdale Business + Life about her Arizona-made pieces that are perfect for today’s business professional:

SB+L: What inspired you to launch a luxury furniture company in Scottsdale?

Anita: What I love about my craft, interior design, is the effect it has on the human spirit. Good design uplifts the spirit in a positive way. Designing interiors accomplishes that one project at a time; designing furniture allows me to share that experience with more people. Over the course of my career as an interior designer I have noticed a significant dearth of large scale, modern style furniture that carries a lasting design impact. I’ve been able to fill that shortage by designing custom pieces for individual clients. After years of preparation, I decided it’s time to expand the scope bring the uplifting power of good design to broader audience.

SB+L: How do you design and make each piece?

Anita: Design 528 concepts begin with an architectural principal: architectural planes, for instance. These principals have been relevant for centuries and provide the foundation of long-lasting design aesthetics. That principal is then incorporated and interpreted through a variety of pieces. The lifestyle artwork that we create has a timeless beauty and combines well with numerous styles. The collection is based on the use of intersecting planes to sculpt negative space. Once the initial concept has been created the pieces go through a series of 3D models, engineering reviews and prototyping to ensure all of the kinks are worked out so only the purest form of the design is passed on to our clients. Once the design is complete, each piece is custom made to order for each client. The furniture is handcrafted right here in Arizona by experienced artisans and woodworkers who combine time-honored skills and techniques with state-of-the-art processes to ensure the finished product is unsurpassed in quality.

SB+L: How are the materials you use in your pieces significant?

Anita: Beauty and truth begins with the materials that we use. I wanted to create pieces that are beautiful and rare but also incorporate environmental consciousness into the design. We use woods that have been certified by the U.S. Forestry Council as being responsibly and sustainably harvested. The use of exotic wood veneers extends the quantity of wood used for greatest impact and allows artisans to create beautiful patterns by working with the grain that would otherwise be unavailable. We also leverage latest technologies with our metals allowing us to incorporate select metal substrates and unique applications without sacrificing any of the design integrity.

SB+L: What is different about your furniture than others out there?

Anita: The furniture market is very crowded, but Design 528 is making many “firsts” and thus taking a very different approach than many others. Each one of our pieces is custom made from limited materials, making collections highly-exclusive and limited. We have proprietary metal application technology that allows us to create custom mixes such as my personal favorite “German Bronze” which is an exclusive mix of bronze and cooper creating a one-of-a-kind look.
We also pioneered a concept of a Vision Box – a functional piece of furniture that incorporates the art of intentional living through an integrated “vision board” and a feng-shui concept map that invites its owners to dream big and live a very intentional life.

SB+L: What is the story behind your company’s name?

Anita: We selected Design 528 as our name because 528 Hz is considered the frequency of the human emotion of love, and is also the note C in music. Even though this is a very holistic premise, we believe that by infusing the emotion of love into our work and every aspect of our company, we create pieces that are matchless, exceptional and truly unique.
For more information, visit www.design528.com.

-Introduction by Kyra E. Love
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